Sandra Young Picture
Hi - my name is Sandra and I would like to introduce you to
Sandra Young Glass Sculptures
Based near Devizes in Wiltshire, I have been creating
glass sculptures for over 30 years. I specialize in
large scale, finely detailed glasswork based around
the central theme of dragons, but I also create
jewellery and miniatures.

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Leaf Dragon
(50cm+ Long)
Dragon Sculpture
Dragon Mirror
(over a metre tall!)
Dragon Mirror
Cat with Mouse on Tail!
Cat with Mouse

Inspired by the wonder
of nature I try to reflect
this in my creations
which I have developed over
the past 30 years. My work
has grown towards the magical
world of myth, dragons being
the central theme.
I have 30 years of lampworking
borosilicate glass, yet still
have many more ideas I wish
to develop.

If given a challenge I love to
design & produce a piece as
detailed as I can. This has led
to the development of my own
techniques to master the
problems of working such
large glass sculptures.
It's not normally considered
to be possible to create
sculptures like this but that's
exactly what I specialize in!

Small Wall Hanging Dragon
(8cm Long)

Dragon Sculpture
Many years experience means
that I can work to an unusually
large size with very fine
detailing but this 'fine-ness'
is also applied to the miniatures
& jewellery that I create.
Miniatures, Jewellery

Another area of my work I have been developing is that of my Celtic
inspired Neck Torcs. These include dragon-shapes

Leaf Torc and Clear Dragon Torc
Dragon Torc
Various Torcs
Dragon Torc
and torcs based on natural forms, including the Leaf Torc
as well as more abstract sinuous forms.
Multi Colour Torcs
Dragon Torc

Every sculpture is handcrafted in my studio by heating glass
rods which are then shaped using carbon hand tools, knives
and tweezers to create the definition and fine detail that
is my speciality.
This is very intensive work and a lot of time is necessary
(in particular) for the larger sculptures.
No two sculptures are the same and each one is truly unique!

Each sculpture is then hand painted where necessary and
fired in a kiln.

Dragon in Amethyst - approx 60 cm tall Red Kite - approx 28 cm across
Dragon in Amethyst Red Kite

I have undertaken many different types of commissions,

Dragon Mirror - 1m+ tall Dragon Lamp - 40cm tall
Dragon Mirror Dragon Lamp
Dragon Table Lamps with Multi Colour LEDs
approx 35cm tall

Dragon Lamps

All sorts of animals

Leafy Seahorse dragon
Leafy Sea Dragon
Fantasy chess sets
Chess Pieces
Fantasy chess sets
Chess Set

It is possible to win my Leafy Seadragon which I created
for the Marine Conservation Calendar 2015.
Leafy Sea Dragon
Leafy Sea Dragon
On purchasing one of these calendars you will be entered
into a draw each month to get the chance of winning the
sculpture pictured for that month.

Go to
for further details.

I was recently commissioned to make an Autumn Leaf Torc
and Autumn Leaf Butterfly Hairclips for a wedding this
Autumn, pictures of which I will post here and on facebook
after the wedding.

In 2012 I won the Peoples Prize in the
Contemporary Glass Society’s ‘Medallions’ exhibition.
Medallion 2012

I have been running 1-1 classes in the summer for the past 4 years
and several of my students have come back year on year.

Galleries such as Bluestone Gallery in Devizes and The Henge Shop in
Avebury currently stock my pieces and this is an area I'm going to
develop further.

Some of my work can be viewed here and if you have any queries please
do not hesitate to contact me.

To view lots more pieces of my work please come and visit me at one of
the Exhibitions I will be attending in 2016.